Jul 1932 The opening of Kobe central market
Dec 1933 The establishment of KOBE CHUO SEIKA CO., LTD.
Mar 1942 Became eastern HYOGOKEN TOWBU SEIKA TOUSEL CO., LTD. (joint stock company) according to the economic control.
Divided into several companies according to the regulations after world war NO.2 Antimonopoly Law.
Jun 24th,
The establishment of SINKA KOBE SEIKA CO., LTD. (Registered capital: 50 million Yen)
President:Renzaburo Yonei
Constituted by KOBE CHUO SEIKA CO., LTD. (joint stock company),
KOBE KYODO NOUSAN CO., LTD.(Joint stock company)
KOBE SEIKA NIUKE CO., LTD. (Joint stock company)
HYOGO ENGEI KYODO CO., LTD. (Joint stock company)
Oct 8th, 1958 The establishment of SHINKA KOBE SEIKA CO., LTD.
Jul 1960 The establishment of Shinka Trade Company (Joint stock)
Apr 1961 The opening of Local Seasonal Vegetable Wholesaling Market (the second market)
May 1962 Additional registered capital 8 million Yen (totally 58 million Yen)
Dec 1962 Additional registered capital 22 million Yen (totally 80 million Yen)
Jan 1968 Completed the construction of dormitory for single staff and warehouse (Hyogo)
Oct 1968 The 10th anniversary of starting the business, the sports meeting
Feb 1969 Additional registered capital 40 million Yen (totally 120 million Yen)
Oct 1969 Establishment of central KOBE CHUO SEIKA CO., LTD. 
With the opening of the eastern market, the commercial section of the commercial department was merged into the Shinka Trade Co., Ltd.
Aug 1970 Introduced computer make dispatch bill and payment notification bill, the business was properly arranged.
Aug 1973 Additional registered capital 80 million Yen (totally 200 million Yen)
Jun 1974 Began to make contributions as a social service program (it is continuous up to now)
Oct 1978 20 years celebration of starting the business
Jul 1983 Opening of Iwaoka distribution center (Nishi-ku)
Oct 1983 Moved to new office and wholesaling market, hold a ceremony for completion of the moving and the 25th anniversary
Mar 1987 Overall moving of the new equipment in the main market of central Kobe market
Oct 1988 30 years celebration of starting the business
Mar 1989 Commemorative magazine Steps of Shinka in 30 years started publication
Nov 1990 Installed movable refrigerating system at the wholesaling market
Jan 1995 Hanshin-Awaji earthquake 

The business was stopped and a great number of vegetables were being auctioned. The facilities in the wholesaling market were damaged, especially the embankment wall of the loading and unloading dock was cracking and sinking, this has created difficulties for the business. But the auction still began on the next morning. The company was trying to complete the circulation of the foods, at the same time, in order to dispel the worry of food shortage, instant food that could be eat without cooking were distributed as emergency materials. Fortunately, no one in the company was killed in the accident, but many houses are damaged. The damages of our agent was relatively small, so the solicitude and rescue funds from all over the country were all contributed to the head office in Kobe city, which was suffering from the disaster.
Oct 1998 40 years celebration for starting the business
Oct 2000 Installed LAN within the company
Jul 2001 Kobe city subway began transport service, and the station of “Prior to Central market” was set up.
May 2004 Low temperature vegetable market (630m2) was put into service
Feb 2007 Co., Ltd. Akashimeika and a merger
Oct 2008 50 years celebration of starting the business
Nov 2012 80th anniversary ceremony holding of home establishment
Nov 2015 Amagasaki Branch opening